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        Rajendra Industrial Corporation
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        Cooperation Statement

        For further development and enhancing readiness to the keen cooperation after Chinese joining WTO, our company wish to enter into partnership with some company abroad and run business in international market. We believe, provided there is sincerity in the mind of both sides, the advantages of our technology power, volume production capability and relative low cost of labor force will surely be transferred to the trade advantage in international market.

        We warmly welcome you to visit our company for further understanding, trade cooperation and technology cooperation, and having more contact or inspection. If possible we may send delegation to visit you company.

        Add: building 26, No.99 Chunguang Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,Minhang,Shanghai,China. 滬ICP備12013583號-1 滬公安網備31011202001146?
        Zip. 201108
        Tel. 86-21-54831800
        Fax : 86-21-54831868
        E-mail: webmaster@www.fcim1908.com

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