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        Rajendra Industrial Corporation
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        Product Features

        According to the situation of Chinese market, in our R&D working, we persist the principle: general weighing apparatus like price computing scale should be simple, stable and long-term use on the base of good quality with a acceptable price. “high quality and reasonable price” are our forever chasing and the feature of our product.

        On circuit design, we turn from traditional double integral circuit to high capability Σ-Δ technique. We also try to make the design as simple as possible. We have enough technique and develop capability to ensure simple and high quality and our technicians from Shanghai Jiao tong university are doing this job now. We not only make the Products design to be more simple and with high technology content, the key technology of our product also has been transferred to some famous weighing apparatus company in china to help them in the deep development of high quality weighing scale.

        The main devices such as load cell, case and other main spare parts are developed and produced by ourselves. Large-scale production, is the basis of low cost when we keep the high quality. The cost of our product is much lower than the same kind product of other enterprise, so our agent can profit much from our Products and make our product be more popular with customers.

        Technical Features

        High integrated and Simple circuit
        Compared to traditional dual-slope A/D conversion technology which is adopted by almost all other weighing scale manufactures, the up-to-date A/D conversion technology we use is of high accuracy, fast sampling speed, highly integrated, simple circuit and easy to repair advantage, it ensures the quality stability of volume production, long term reliability and excellent mutual-changeability.
        low power consume
        The Products’ designing keep on following the electronic technic’s developing. When we design the loadcell’s circuit and the mainboard circuit designing, select lectronic components, we all insist on low power consuming principle. Some LCD display Products can keep on working more than 400 hours after being recharged. It means high level among the similar Products.
        keep on tracking the uptodate technic, supplying the best weighing electrocircuit with high quality and reasonable price.
        We have cooperated with some famous electronic component providers such as TI, ADI, CIRRUS etc for long time. We buy from them 100 million pcs main electronic components every year. These years, all the famous CMOS chip providers always come to our office to get ideas before developing new CMOS chip. And they also mention our successful Products which used their CMOS chip when they introduce their CMOS chip to other clients. It expressed their confirming on our advanced weighing circuit technic.

        Product Range